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The Sacred 'Phagchok Chenreyzig's Drupchoe' at Gedu..!!!

Oct 09, 2014 - 6th/Oct-8th/Oct - 'Phagchok Chenreyzig's Drupchoe' at Gedu has finally come to an end yesterday.. As mentioned earlier, The Drupchoe was organized by the members of Gedu, under the guidance of mr. Nima Wangchuk, RMGC’s chief Treasurer..

While H.E presided over the Sacred Drupchoe at Gedu, hundreds of devotees gathered there to attend and witness the program..Meanwhile, H.E initiated a teaching for all the devotees who were gathered there to witness the program.

We would like to extend our appreciation to all the organizers who initiated such a sacred program for the benefit of all the beings. Similarly, we would like to thank all the devotees of Gedu for rendering help and being able to attend the Drupchoe.

May everyone get to witness such a sacred Drupchoe in near future. May everyone benefit from such an important program..

Finally, let’s not forget to thank our ever Compassionate H.E Rinpoche for finding time to preside over such an important Drupchoe, despite H.E’s hectic schedule..
Thank you H.E Rinpoche and all the members of Gedu.

H.H Rigdzin Dorji Jamtsho's Pari-Nirvana at Pemagatshel...

Sep 29, 2014 - Today,co-inciding with 5th day of 8th month of Bhutanese Calendar, H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche commemorated the day in Kheri Goenpa (Winter Residence of Rigdzin Dorji Jamtsho). The members of Samdrupjongkhar and Pemagatshel along with monks from Paro joined in to pay Tribute and Homage to Lama Rigdzin Dorji Jamtsho by conducting an extensive Ritual and offering of prayers,under the guidance of H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche.

Likewise, RMGC members/Practitioners from different parts of the country marked the day in their own best possible ways.

RMGC would like to extend heartfelt Appreciation to everyone for making Today not only auspicious but a very Special day, without whose Support, it won't have been possible at all..

In conclusion, RMGC would like to Dedicate the Good Merits to all the Motherly Beings..!!!


Sep 04, 2014 - The main motive behind uploading this beautiful picture is to remind everyone of us about RMGC's first annual Drupchoe which was held at Sarjung goenpa, Martsala gewog under Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag..The Drupchoe was presided by H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche who is the chairman of RMGC.Eventhough the annual Drupchoe was conducted for the first time, it was a great success..Thousands of devotess gathered to participate and witness the important session/program..
May everyone get the precious opportunity to attend to such a sacred Drupchoe annually, under the guidance of H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche.
The photo was taken on 19th February,2014...

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