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Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Beloved Rinpoche

Aug 13, 2014 - Since yesterday was His Eminence Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche's birth anniversary, devotees all over Bhutan marked the AUSPICIOUS day by celebrating the day in their own different ways. The day was especially observed by all the devotees to pay their RESPECT to their great master.

I feel very much fortunate to witness that the devotees all over Bhutan offered Tashi Khadar and prayed for Rinpoche's long life, which truly reflects their Devotion towards their Root Guru.In return, Rinpoche was very much Touched by his devotees' gesture.Thimphu group was doubly BLESSED for getting the PRECIOUS opportunity to celebrate Rinpoche's birth anniversary in presence of Rinpoche himself and the entire family.

Thank you la Rinpoche for your BLESSINGS. We are indeed very much BLESSED to receive your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COMPASSION towards everyone. May Rinpoche have a very PROSPEROUS life ahead and may all the Motherly beings be BLESSED by our Rinpoche.MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY LA

Glimpses of the past three wonderful days at Trongsa

Aug 06, 2014 - The 1st Annual Zhi-Jay-Wang-Drak Jinsek (Fire Ritual) at Trongsa concluded today. During the three days of ‘Fire Ritual ceremony’ which was again presided by His Eminence Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche and Khedrup Rinpoche, thousands of people (including Students of various schools in Trongsa) gathered to participate in such an AUSPICIOUS event. The people of Trongsa witnessed miraculous sign for the entire three days which is a PURE sign of BLESSINGS from the TRIPLE GEM and of course our ROOT GURU, H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche. The Miraculous sign also indicates the PROFOUND LOVE and COMPASSION of our Rinpoche. Thank you la Rinpoche for your BOUNDLESS LOVE and COMPASSION towards all the sentient beings. In the meanwhile, let’s REJOICE for getting such a RARE OPPORTUNITY to witness and participate in such an AUSPICIOUS event. Finally, We would like to thank all the RMGC members, Sponsors and general public for making the 1st annual Zhi-Jay-Drak-jinsek (Fire Ritual) at Trongsa a very SUCCESSFUL one.

5th Annual Rigde Maha Guru Drupchoe Glimpses

Aug 02, 2014 - Rigde Maha Guru Choetshok held its 5th round of annual Drupchoe on 29th July - 31st July 2014 by Thimphu members. The Annual Drupchoe was chaired by H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche and we are very happy to let everyone know that there were thousands of people who gathered at Zangdopalri, vegetable market Thimphu, to celebrate the Drupchoe. The Final day coincided with Drukpai Tsezhi (6th month forth day) which attracted thousands of devotees. The Drupchoe concluded with Marmai monlam ( butter lamp offering with aspiration prayers). We on behalf of all the RMGC members of Thimphu would like to Thank our Rinpoche for his Profound Teachings and Blessings.We also would like to thank all the people who helped us in proper coordination of our program. Finally, we extend our Appreciation to all the devotees who helped us.In this regard, Our Rinpoche extends his LOVE and APPRECIATION to everyone who participated in the program. Thank you la Rinpoche for having FAITH in us. May all the motherly beings receive Rinpoche's BLESSINGS.

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