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Successful completion of Yarney (the summer retreat)

Sep 12, 2018 - The monks of Rigde Maha Guru Monastery, at Sarjung, Samdrup Jongkhar, has entered the first ever Summer Retreat (Yarney), which was observed for 45 days starting from July 27, 2018 and concluded successfully on 09th September, 2018. The practice of Summer Retreat (Yarney) was initiated during Lord Buddha’s era himself and has been practiced to date by all sects of Buddhism without having any distortion. This particular retreat has been observed during summer to escape from committing sin of taking lives, as it is the time for beings like insects, worms, birds and many others to take birth. It also help people to accumulate merit through their generosity by making an offerings.

The objective of observing such event by RMGC at monastery is in prayers for the good health and long live of our King and their Majesties. The prayers are also made to bringing a never ending peace and harmony within the Nation and in the entire universe.

The organizer would like to thank Rinpoche for his continued guidance like rays of the sun, Mentor Khyenpo Tenzin Choeda for presiding the retreat like a waxing moon, and monks for participating zealously like a glittering stars. We also would like to thank the sponsors for their generous support like an ocean full of pearls.

Let us all work even more and commit towards making a happy days ahead!

Birth Anniversary of HE. Jigme Rigdzin.

Aug 23, 2018 - 34th Birth Anniversary of H.E.

On 12/08/2018, more than 200 members has gathered at Depsi School, Thimphu to mark the 34th Birth Anniversary of His Eminence. On the very auspicious day, the members offered ku-sung-thuk-mendrel and Tashi Khadar, with the prayers of H.E long life, good health and to flourish the Buddha dharma under H.E guidance.
H.E. was deeply touched and overwhelmed to know as it was organized in a surprise way. H.E, in his pure tone addressed to the gathering by saying, "Today I thank in two ways to the whole members of RMGC, firstly for arranging such a wonderful birthday celebration and secondly for reminding me about impermanence and death, which is one of the most powerful meditation practices, and also reminding me that, my stay on this earth has been reduced by another one year".
After sungshay, cake cutting ceremony was done by offering it firstly to the Tripple Gem and followed by a simple cultural program.
In the same way, the day was also observed by the members at different locations across the country and even by the members at Australia.

May His Eminence Live for eons

May His Eminence be in good health always

May His Eminence teaching be flourished to the spheres of sky

May all sentient beings be liberated from the abyss of Samsara .

WISHING A VERY HAPPY BIRTH DAY! To Your Eminence by the members of RMGC.

Notification of election.

Jul 31, 2018 - Election Notice.
RMGC Administration notifies that, With effect from 1st Aug till Oct 2018, all member/ practioner should avoid gathering in large group, stop monthly retreat for timing but can do monthly retreat individually in your respective apartment.It is also reminded to refrain from using name of Chhoetshok, Monastery and Rinpoche with political issues.

District secretary can guide new member (lojong group) but not in large group.

News & Events

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